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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Karing free?

Yes! Karing is absolutely free.

Apple users: As long as you have an Apple account outside of mainland China, you can download it. If you are inconvenient to register directly, we recommend the Apple ID store

📄️ ⬇️ Download Karing

Which platforms does Karing support?

Supported: iOS, macOS, Windows Under development: Android To be developed: tvOS, Linux

Which version should Apple users download?

If you just want stable use, it is recommended to download the AppStore version. If you want to try new features, you can download the TestFlight Beta version

How to update Karing?

iOS/macOS: Open the AppStore and click Update. Usually it will be updated automatically.

Windows users: There will be a prompt after Karing automatically updates. You only need to follow the prompts to download or restart the App installation.

Is it safe to use Karing?

Apps will be reviewed by Apple before being put on the AppStore, and the Apple version can only be downloaded from the AppStore or TestFlight (please do not download the App from unofficial channels). We also follow the same security and privacy rules as Apple platforms on non-Apple platforms to ensure that your information will not be leaked.

Non-Apple platform users are recommended to download from Github

If you don't have your own configuration, you can get it from our recommended providers. Select your region and follow the instructions to get the configuration.

Click here to get it

What subscription configuration types are supported?

Clash, V2ray (support batch), Stash, Karing, Sing-box, Shadowsocks, Sub, Github

What protocols are supported?

Shadowsocks, ShadowsocksR, VMess, Vless, Trojan, Tuic, Socks, Http, Hysteria, Hysteria2, Wireguard and other protocols

How to use?

You can refer to our quickstart guide to get started quickly.

📄️ 📚 Quickstart


You can feedback to us through Settings-Feedback and leave your email address. You can also join official Telegram group to report issues to the developer. Or another way is report issues on Github