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First of all, you need to add your configuration or subscription to the app.

Open Settings

To open Settings screen, click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.


Adding configuration

  • If you have Subscription Link, click Add Subscription Link and paste your link.
  • If you have Configuration File, click Add Configuration File and select your file.
  • If you have QR-code, click Scan QR Code.


So in this example we will use Subscription Link. Paste your Subscription Link and click button at the right corner to add subscription.


Where to find Subscription Link?

If you don't have your own configuration, you can get it from our recommended providers.

Click here to get it.

Finishing setup

After adding your configuration, Karing will select best server by default. If you want to select server manually, click Auto Select and choose server you want from the list.

To Connect(switch button) to the server, click Connect button.